Pan Fried Potato Cakes with Warm Spinach and Oyster Mushrooms

Leftovers. Some of the most comforting and magnificent dishes we know today were invented as a way to use up scraps. It’s the great tale of the kitchen of the days of yore: waste not. You used anything and everything to make certain you and those you were feeding were as well-fed as possible at all times. Today with our wild abundance of food we have an overwhelming tendency to just throw things out or simply stuff our faces with everything in sight. So let me lay it out here: leftovers have always been and will always be a great thing, they keep the wheels in the kitchen turning with little effort. Cooking at home becomes easier, cheaper, and more rewarding when you think not just of making one meal, but of all the possibilities you can keep rolling once you get started. Here’s a little inspiration to get you moving. Continue reading


Clean Machine Juice – Winter Cleanse Morning 1

My friend Chris decided that after partying far too hard in Key West, it was time to clean out his system with a juice cleanse, the first he’s ever done. He knows I have experience with doing cleanses, so he’s been coming to me for advice on how to deal with caffeine withdrawals and ravaging hunger, in addition to other issues that pop up at the start of the cleanse but peter out and later get traded for feeling energized and full of life.

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VBS: Very Big Salad + Room Swap!

Spring cleaning time? We’ve not quite hit the equinox yet, but here at SGB we were feeling the urge to rearrange the furniture and give the house a new format. The idea was to swap the living room and bedroom so we’d have a spot to put our bed that is more conducive to not-crawling-over-each-other-to-get-in-and-out-of-bed. Continue reading

Food is love given form. Make it, share it, give it. Live. Get inspired.