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Review: Hà Nội – Get transported from Park Slope to summery Vietnam

Hà Nội flows seamlessly from sidewalk cafe, with its cozy bistro table lined and palm adorned patio, to a dim, moody interior with well placed splashes of light highlighting the transporting decor and intimate setting. When you first walk into a new place, you experience it with all your senses, and here you can almost taste the sweet summer air of Vietnam. Continue reading


Simple Braised Pork Belly

Inspiration can come from anywhere. Consider that one day you’re wandering around the market and suddenly you spot something you’ve never seen there: smoked pork belly. Images of tender char siu pork floating in bowls of succulent ramen go drifting through your mind, and you know this is your chance to have it at home.

Oh, it doesn’t usually go quite like that for you? But when it’s so simple to have delicious pork belly at home, why wait? Here’s how to make it yourself.

Continue reading



You love beans, right? Rich, creamy, filling, protein packed, and available in such variety, so may colors and flavors! I recently discovered the enticing “Tongue of Fire”, so named for their pod flecked with bright red streaks reminiscent of flames. This bean originated in Tierra Del Fuego, the land of fire – how fitting is that? – and is a close cousin of Columbia’s Cranberry Bean and Italy’s Borlatto. What to do with this world traveler? Why not take it one culture further and make the veritable Mexican breakfast dish, Chilaquiles? Continue reading


Minca Ramen – East Villiage – Review

I’ve been to Minca twice, once when it was suggested by a friend as one of his favorite ramen joints in the East Villiage, and again last week because I was at a birthday party at ACE Bar right across the street (Skeeball Tourney!). I knew I needed to give Minca a second try because when first I went I tried the immensely popular Spicy Miso ramen (after reading several rave reviews), I hated it. Continue reading

Food is love given form. Make it, share it, give it. Live. Get inspired.